On-Farm Network Research Reports Database

The On-Farm Network is growing, and so is access to trial results!  Single site research reports have been organized in the database below, providing detailed information at the farm level, packaged in an easy-to-read single page document.

How it works:

Filter the reports in the database table below by clicking the desired Crop, Year, Trial Type, and/or Major Region.  Within the database table, click on any column header to sort the table.  To view a single site report, select the Trial ID to open the single site research report in a new tab.

In the database table below, trials with significant yield differences are highlighted green in the yield difference column. On each single site report, significance is indicated by a ‘yes/no’ in the overall yield results table.

A trial that does not meet the trial requirements, eg. field history, is not included in the overall average for yield difference.

Important information for interpreting statistics:

There are two statistical tests that are used to analyze On-Farm Network data:

  • Paired t-tests
  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
MPSG does not endorse the use of products tested in the On-Farm Network.  Although trials are conducted at multiple sites under varying conditions, your individual results may vary.  Contents of these research publications can only be reproduced with the permission of MPSG.



Trial Type

Major Region



NOTE: To view all columns, scroll left to right

NOTE: Trials that are significant have a yield cell that is filled green.

Year Region Municipality Crop Trial Type Treatments Yield +/- Unit Trial Report
2021 Eastern Hanover Soybean Single Inoculant 1x Nodulator (liquid + peat) vs Untreated -1.1 bu/ac 2021-S1IN01
2021 Central Macdonald Soybean Single Inoculant 1x Nodulator (liquid) vs EcoTea vs Untreated bu/ac 2021-S1IN02
2021 Central Montcalm Soybean Single Inoculant 1x XiteBio SoyRhizo vs Untreated 0.7 bu/ac 2021-S1IN03