About Us

The Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers (MPSG) is a non-profit, member-based corporation representing farmers in Manitoba who grow pulses including edible beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, faba beans and soybeans. Directed and funded by producers, MPSG exists to advance all phases of the provincial pulse and soybean crop-growing industry.


Manitoba farms sustainably producing profitable, quality pulse and soybean crops.

Reflecting a growing and vibrant industry, MPSG is collaborative, positive and informative in providing industry leadership. Advancing the growth and prosperity of Manitoba pulse and soybean farmers, MPSG assists government in developing policy and takes a lead in research and production strategies. By investing in future farm leaders, MPSG grows opportunities in pulse and soybean research, marketing and processing.


To provide research, production knowledge and market development support to Manitoba pulse and soybean farmers.

MPSG is supported by a mandatory, refundable check-off on sales of commercial pulses and soybeans in Manitoba. A Board of Directors, elected at the organization’s annual general meeting, provides oversight and governance. Reporting to the Board, the Executive Director is responsible for executing the association’s strategic plan.


  1. MPSG will be a high-functioning organization, the pride of Manitoba pulse and soybean farmers, and highly regarded by grower associations and the agricultural industry.
  2. MPSG research programs will operate at full capacity and will advance pulse and soybean crops for the benefit of farmers today and into the future.
  3. MPSG will be the primary source for pulse and soybean production knowledge and extension initiatives.
  4. MPSG communications will advance awareness among farmers, industry and the public.
  5. MPSG market development and policy initiatives will advance the interests of pulse and soybean farmers.
  6. MPSG governance, HR and finance policies will exemplify best business practices and ensure a respectful workplace.