Board of Directors

Melvin Rattai

Beausejour, MB
Joined board in 2017
Grows soybeans

Brendan Phillips

Hartney, MB
Joined board in 2018
Grows soybeans

John Preun

St. Andrews, MB
Joined board in 2016
Grows soybeans, peas

Frank Prince

Waskada, MB
Joined board in 2013
Grows soybeans

Ben Martens

Boissevain, MB
Joined board in 2014
Grows edible beans

Ernie Sirski

Dauphin, MB
Joined board in 2014
Grows soybeans

Bryce Pallister

Portage la Prairie, MB
Joined board in 2021
Grows soybeans, edible beans


Alex Burgess

Minnedosa, MB
Joined board in 2022
Grows peas

Garrett Sawatzky

Altona, MB
Joined board in 2019
Grows soybeans, edible beans

Robbie Misko

Roblin, MB
Joined board in 2023

MPSG 2023 Committees

*The first named is chair

  • Executive: M. Rattai, B. Phillips, E. Sirski
  • Governance H/R: Prince, G. Sawatzky
  • Ag Policy & Market Development: Phillips, A. Burgess, B. Pallister, E. Sirski, J. Preun, M. Rattai, R. Misko
  • Finance/Audit: J. Preun, B. Phillips, M. Rattai
  • Resolutions: Burgess, R. Misko
  • Nominating: Burgess, R. Misko
  • Research & Communications: Sawatzky, F. Prince, B. Martens, B. Pallister, M. Rattai, R. Misko

MPSG 2023 Representatives

*first named is chair

  • Canadian Grain Commission Pulse Sub-Committee– G. Sawatzky
  • Grain Growers of Canada – B. Phillips
    • Trade and Marketing – E. Sirski
    • Business Risk Management – B. Phillips
  • Keystone Agricultural Producers
    • General Council – D. Domitruk
    • Pulse/Oilseed Sub Committee – A. Burgess
    • Commodity Group – D. Domitruk
  • MCVET – staff
  • PGDC/PRCPSC – D. Domitruk
  • Pulse Canada – B. Martens, J. Preun
  • Soy Canada – M. Rattai, E. Sirski