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The Bean Report – May 1, 2019

May 1, 2019

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Seeding Update

Field pea seeding is currently underway in the southwest, central, eastern and Interlake regions of Manitoba. Faba beans have been seeded in the central and Interlake regions. If you are a first-time pea grower or are looking for a refresher on best practices, read on for pea seeding tips.

Those considering soybean planting at this time are cautioned to keep an eye on regional spring frost dates and the 24-hour weather forecast. Emerged soybean seedlings are susceptible to plant stand loss from frost damage. Soybeans are also at risk of chilling injury in the first 24 hours after planting if seeds imbibe cold water. For more information on soybean planting considerations, see Kristen P. MacMillan’s 2018 Annual Report (pg. 6) featuring the latest updates from her seeding window research.

Worried about injury to your pulse and soybean crops in 2019 from residual herbicide carryover? Click here for more information.

Read the crop weather report from Manitoba Agriculture here.

Pea seeding tips:

  • Choose well-drained fields that are not prone to waterlogging to avoid root rot issues.
  • Use high quality, crack-free seed if possible and handle seed gently.
  • Aim to plant as early as possible, from late April to early May, for the greatest yield potential.
  • Seed at 1.5 to 2 inches deep, ensuring seed is in contact with soil moisture.
  • Target 80-90 live plants/m2. Account for expected seedling survival and seed weight in seeding rate calculations.
  • Inoculate with Rhizobium leguminosarum to promote nodulation and nitrogen fixation.
  • Control weeds early to avoid yield loss. Pre-emergent herbicide can offer control of Group 2 resistant broadleaf weeds, which have limited in-crop options.

2019 Projected Pulse and Soybean Acres in Manitoba

  • Soybean acreage is expected to decline slightly in 2019, from 1.89 million acres seeded in 2018.
  • Dry beans are expected to remain stable in 2019 at approximately 120,000 acres.
  • Field pea acres are projected to increase slightly in 2019, from 84,000 acres grown in 2018.
  • Faba bean and lentil acres are expected to remain stable at approximately 10,000 acres, collectively.


 Looking for Participants for the On-Farm Network: Soybean Rolling Trial

The MPSG On-Farm Network is looking for farmers who may be willing to participate in a soybean rolling trial in Manitoba. The main goals of this project are to evaluate the economics of rolling and its impact on soil movement.

Field Requirements:

  • Located in the area between Elm Creek and Winnipeg.
  • At least one unrolled strip in which the rest of the field may be rolled OR, one rolled strip in which the rest of the field is unrolled.

Contact MPSG’s On-Farm Network Technician, Ian Kirby (ian@manitobapulse.ca), if you or someone you know is interested in participating.


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