High volumes of plant biomass typically make faba bean harvest a challenge. This crop can be direct harvested or swathed then combined. However, swaths can be difficult to pick up and do not dry out if they are rained on. On the flip side, pod shatter losses can occur if the crop is left standing to completely mature. Due to this, desiccation is recommended to help speed up maturity. If desiccating, refer to PHIs and maximum residue levels (MRLs) to prevent market restrictions.

Faba beans should be direct harvested at 18-20% moisture to reduce seed damage, then aerated. Seed is considered dry enough for storage at 16% moisture. A flex header is not crucial for direct harvesting due to high pod clearance.

Also keep an eye on harvest loss. With a seed weight of 450 g/1000 seeds, approximately 1 ½ seeds/ft2 equate to 1 bu/ac of yield loss.