Completed Canadian Field Crop Research Alliance report shares Soybean Cluster results and exemplifies value to Canadian soybean farmers

Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers (MPSG) is pleased to share the completed Canadian Field Crop Research Alliance (CFCRA) Research Report (2018-2023). Projects within the report addressed soybean and corn research across Canada, and oat research in eastern Canada. The CFCRA Research Report summarizes the highlights and achievements from each of the thirteen projects supported by the CFCRA. MPSG is focussed on the achievements of projects to improve soybean.

In collaboration with soybean grower organizations from across Canada and the Government of Canada’s Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) Agriscience Program, MPSG provided funding to four projects listed in the report under “Soybean Cluster”. Over five years, MPSG contributed $469,193 in funding towards the Soybean Cluster. Total funding for this cluster totaled $3,633,441. The projects funded in-part by MPSG include, Short Season Food Type Soybean Breeding, Meeting the Soybean Protein Meal Standard in Western Canada, A New Method for Precise and Reproducible Phenotyping of Phythophthora sojae Isolates in Soybean and Strategies for Effective and Durable Management of Phytophthora and Root Rot Complexes of Soybean. An exceptional highlight from the soybean projects was the development of a method to detect Phytophthora root rot, which was accomplished at AAFC-Brandon. The same project confirmed the pathogen is widespread in Manitoba and should be constantly monitored for flare ups.

“Collaborating with soybean grower organizations from different regions of Canada is a great opportunity to solve the common problems soybean farmers across the country face,” said MPSG Chair, Melvin Rattai. “Working together allows us to maximize our resources and gain valuable knowledge from each other.”

MPSG values our involvement in CFCRA, as it provides a gateway to federal laboratories throughout Canada equipped with the necessary expertise and facilities to improve soybean. Currently, most of Canada’s soybean research capacity is located in Ontario and Quebec. CFCRA plays a vital role in funding the genetic enhancement of soybean which has shed light on protein and performance of early maturing lines under drought conditions in the Prairie region of Canada. Continuing to improve our knowledge and developing varieties in this area is not only beneficial to Canadian soybean growers, but also contributes to global food security by increasing the availability of high-quality protein.

The completion of the CFCRA Research Report (2018-2023) is a culmination of successful, collaborative investment in research and development. MPSG looks forward to continuing our involvement in CFCRA and supporting the growth and success of soybean.


To learn more about CFCRA and view the Research Report, visit–8203rapport-de-recherche-de-lrsquoarccc-2018-agrave-2023.html.


Other funding partners of the Soybean Cluster include, Grain Farmers of Ontario, Producteurs de Grains du Quebec, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers along with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.


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