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Alternatives to Lambda-Cyhalothrin for 2023

Lambda-cyhalothrin is a widely used insecticide belonging to the synthetic pyrethroid chemical group (Group 3A). Commonly sold as Matador or Silencer, among others, the lambda-cyhalothrin active ingredient is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is effective on several pests of pulse, corn, small grain and oilseed crops.

As a result of Health Canada’s re-evaluation (Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), 2021), lambda-cyhalothrin has been cancelled for all feed uses. This means that as of May 2023, crop or crop components (fractions, meal, screenings) treated with lambda-cyhalothrin according to label directions cannot be fed to livestock in Canada.

Many crops in Canada are grown for both food and feed use, with no segregation ability in the grain handling system. This presents an incredible challenge for the whole value chain, but especially for farmers with uncertainty around availability and ability to use these products during the 2023 growing season. Manitoba commodity organizations and their national partners continue to engage and seek clarity on this issue for farmers. This factsheet was developed to ensure that farmers are aware of their options for pest control.

Some manufacturers of lambda-cyhalothrin have re-evaluated their marketing plans for this insecticide, and some formulations will not be available in Western Canada. Limited amounts of Matador and Voliam Xpress will be available for use in certain pulse crops. Silencer, Labamba and Zivata will be available for on-label use.

Several other pyrethroid insecticides are available. These include Deltamethrin (Decis, Poleci, Advantage deltamethrin), Permethrin (Pounce, Ambush, PermUP, IPCO Syncro), and Cypermethrin (UP-Cyde, Ship). Various other insecticides are registered for insects in field crops; see the Guide to Field Crop Protection 2023 for details.

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