Pulse Beat, Science Edition

The Science Edition – 2021

This special edition, science-oriented Pulse Beat reveals the breadth and depth of MPSG’s research investments, including details from projects conducted in laboratories, field trials and the On-Farm Network. Inside you will find farmer-focused research results intended to improve yield and quality, pest control, build soil health and drive market demand.

Table of Contents

  1. Pulse and Soybean Regional Variety Testing
  2. Azuki Beans – An Alterntaive Pulse Crop in Manitoba
  3. Soybean Response to Potassium Fertilization in Manitoba
  4. Evaluating Row Width and Plant Density for Dry Beans
  5. Plant Density Effects on Shade Avoidance and Yield of Navy Beans
  6. Novel Mechanical Weed Control Tools for Weed Management in Dry Beans
  7. Manitoba Survey and Molecular Quantification of Soybean Cyst Nematode
  8. On-Farm Evaluation of the Impact of Rolling Soybeans on Wind Erosion
  9. On-Farm Evaluation of the Economics of Rolling Soybeans
  10. Residue Management Before Growing Soybeans
  11. Processing Effects on the Cholesterol-Lowering Benefits Associated with Eating Beans
  12. Reducing Blood Sugar with Beans – Defining the Minimum Serving
  13. Performance of Pea vs. Cellulose Fibre in White Bread

Download The Science Edition – 2021

 Download The Science Edition – 2021