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2020 Funding Approved for Research

Daryl Domitruk, PhD, PAg, Director of Research and Production, MPSG – Spring (March) Pulse Beat 2020

A big part of MPSG’s mission is to provide production support to farmers. Frequently, this means finding and translating scientifically valid answers to agronomic questions. One challenge we share with growers is that the well of made-in-Manitoba answers is, in some cases, quite shallow. This is because our history of pulse and, especially, soybean production and research is relatively short. Questions pile up fast; good, useful answers take time. MPSG’s research committee deals with this reality by setting priorities and patiently sticking with them.

In the current round of new research projects, we’ve maintained that approach. We have six questions to answer about yield and quality, including the need to understand what our options are to increase soybean crude protein. On the overall question of containing pest control costs, we’ve funded work to get a handle on glyphosate-resistant weeds. The plan to improve soil quality will be helped by research to understand how soil pathogens respond to annual legumes. And, with the burgeoning market for plant protein, it’s time to answer the question of how our crops can be made into various forms of tofu. Step by step, the well is getting deeper.

2020 Approved Funding for Research