Distribution of Pulse Varieties from the Crop Development Centre

SPG introduces seed royalties for CDC-developed varieties sold outside of Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers has been making a financial contribution to the Variety Release Program, managed by Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG). This gives Manitoba Select Seed Growers access to breeder seed of new varieties developed by plant breeders at the Crop Development Centre (CDC) at the University of Saskatchewan. This arrangement also gives Manitoba commercial farmers access to CDC varieties, royalty-free.

Saskatchewan pulse farmers contribute significant upfront funding toward the development of CDC varieties through the check-off paid to SPG. Saskatchewan farmers will continue to have royalty-free access to CDC varieties as a result of SPG’s long-term pulse breeding agreement with the CDC. By licensing the distribution of these varieties outside of Saskatchewan, SPG is ensuring that farmers in other provinces are paying to access varieties developed by the CDC.

The CDC field pea varieties that have been selected for licensing and royalty collection (under PBR’91) in Manitoba are listed below by distributor.

Distributed by SeedNet:

  • CDC Inca

Distributed by SeCan:

  • CDC Spectrum
  • CDC Athabasca
  • CDC Canary
  • CDC Spruce
  • CDC Forest
  • CDC Jasper
  • CDC Blazer

To learn more about CDC varieties selected for licensing outside SK, click here.

Saskatchewan seed growers cannot sell seed of these varieties to seed growers or commercial farmers outside of the province unless they have a signed agreement with the licensed agent and royalties are collected and remitted to the agent.


Seed growers who are already members of SeCan or SeedNet will be able to access the varieties through the existing framework developed by the company. Growers who are not members, but already have pedigreed seed of the licensed varieties, will be given the opportunity to become members and continue to grow and sell seed of the licensed varieties. This would involve signing an agreement that would obligate the seed grower to collect and remit royalty revenue to the licensed company. The licensed agent will determine the details of these agreements. Seed growers who are not members and have not previously purchased seed of the licensed varieties should contact SeCan or SeedNet regarding the potential to become members.


The process for farmers to acquire seed will remain similar to the current approach, and will depend on the retail strategy used by the company. In some cases, it will be directly from the seed grower who will collect the royalty payment and remit it to the company. As well, some seed may be sold through dealers and retail centres who are members of the company. It is advised that farmers contact SeCan or SeedNet for more information on how to obtain access to certified seed. Farmers will be able to save their own seed if they have purchased a variety that is licensed to SeCan and/or SeedNet, but they will not be authorized to sell that seed to their neighbour or others, as is consistent with Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) and as determined by the rights holder (CDC).



For more information, please contact:

Francois Labelle, PAg
Executive Director
Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers
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