KidBeanApproved_Feb22_2016To celebrate and promote pulses during the 2016 International Year of Pulses, Manitoba Pulse & Soybeans Growers (MPSG) has launched the Why Pulses? Challenge for schools and community groups.

In 2016, MPSG will award $50,000 to deserving ideas that increase awareness or consumption of pulses.

The Challenge

Create an event or project that celebrates the nutritional, health or environmental goodness of pulses. For example, you might:

  • Add new pulse dishes to the school cafeteria menu;
  • Start a community pulses garden;
  • Develop a book, comic or video about pulses;
  • Host a community dinner featuring pulse-based foods; or
  • Educate seniors, food bank patrons or other user groups.

The Details

Open to all elementary and secondary schools, and non-profit community groups in Manitoba.

  • Schools:
    • $10,000 prizes to the top projects from elementary, middle and senior-years;
    • Projects must increase awareness or consumption of pulses; and
    • Prizes must be used for school-based, healthy living legacy projects.
  • Community groups:
    • $5,000 funding awards to four projects by non-profit organizations; and
    • Projects must increase awareness or consumption of pulses.

All entries will be reviewed and awarded by a panel selected by MPSG. Winning entries will be announced in September, 2016. MPSG reserves the right to determine eligibility and funding.