2012 Soybean Harvest Sample Program

Every year the Grain Research Lab of the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) carries out an annual survey of the quality of the new season’s Soybean crop. The quality results from the valuable program form a vital aspect of marketing Canada’s commodities in both foreign and domestic markets.

We would be greatful if you would assist in this very important survey by supplying us with samples of 2012 Soybean in a postage-paid envelope.


  • Contact MPGA via email or 1-204-745-6488 to receive an envelope.
  • Fill the envelope with approximately 400 g of this year’s soybean crop
  • Enter the name of the growing location (town) and variety on the envelope
  • Please return samples to CGC by November 1, 2012

For more information on this program, click here.

Thank you!