MPSG’s Agronomy Engagement Program

Looking for production resources?  Wondering what MPSG is up to?  MPSG brings tools and research to you!

We’re inviting agronomists to sign-up for the Agronomy Engagement Program.  The goal of the program is to share our tools and knowledge on soybean and pulse crop production with you to help you better serve your farming customers. Farmers are members in our organization and we understand the important role that agronomists play in today’s farming operations.

Our Agronomy Engagement Intern, Jake Arye, will be travelling across Manitoba this summer to engage and inform industry stakeholders about MPSG activities and initiatives, particularly those related to research and production of soybean and pulses in Manitoba.  We understand the growing season is busy, which is we why we have designed this program to come directly to you and your agronomic staff. We would like to share 4 key messages with you in a ½ to 1-hour visit:

  1. Brief overview of MPSG: who we are and what we do
  2. Research program and accessing reports
  3. Distribution and review of MPSG soybean, edible bean and pea production resources
  4. Events and how to stay informed with future initiatives and newly released materials



MPSG’s Agronomy Engagement Program was a great success in 2016!  Our Agronomy Engagement Intern visited over 70 retailers and nearly 90 agronomists from Swan River to Altona and everywhere in between! Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in this program – overall, the agronomists who participated in the program influence nearly 1.3M acres of soybeans and pulses in Manitoba. We are confident that we met the program goal of connecting with agronomists to help them serve Manitoba pulse and soybean farmers.