Optimizing the Frequency of Soybean in Manitoba Crop Rotations

Crop Soybean
Start Date2018
End Date2023
Principal InvestigatorLawley, Yvonne, University of Manitoba
Total Project Funding$488,418
External Funding PartnersWGRF
ReportLawley – Soybean Rotation – Annual report 2019

Research Objectives

  1. Quantify the impact of the frequency of soybean in crop rotation on soybean yield, grain quality, and economics of the overall rotation
  2. Evaluate the impact of the frequency of soybean in crop rotation on canola yield, quality, and the incidence and severity of canola pathogens.
  3. Compare soil health parameters when soybeans are grown in rotation with other high vs. low residue crops
  4. Develop a method to evaluate the impact of flooding between soybean crops on soils with high, medium, or low populations of soil rhizobia
  5. Continue to provide a field laboratory for additional multidisciplinary studies, including soybean pathology and soil rhizobia populations and communities

Project Description

Crop rotations in Manitoba have shifted significantly in the past 5 years with the rapid expansion in soybean acres. This raises important questions about the opportunities and implications on how to optimize soybean in rotation with other crops, such as canola, wheat, and corn, as well as its potential negative impacts.

The proposed 5-year rotation study will build on an established 4-year rotation study to continue evaluating the impact of the frequency of soybeans in rotation at two locations in central Manitoba on soybean and canola production, economic return, and soil health. This experiment will also serve as a field laboratory for other multidisciplinary studies including soybean and canola pathology, and the impact of flooding on soil rhizobia populations. This information can be utilized directly by farmers and agronomists across central Manitoba in planning crop rotations to optimize the short and long term profitability of soybeans as they move from being a new to an established crop in Manitoba crop rotations.