Frequency of soybean in rotations – exploring root and foliar pathogens and beneficial micro-organisms

Crop Soybean
Start Date2017
End Date2019
Principal InvestigatorDaayf, Fouad , University of Manitoba
MPSG Financial Support$64,400
Total Project Funding$64,400
ReportPulse Beat Science Edition – Influence of Soybean Frequency in Rotation on Disease Pressure | MPSG FINAL Extension Report-June30

Research Objectives

  1. Does incidence/severity of soybean diseases, as a result of rotations, contribute to different soybean yield outcomes?
  2. Does the frequency of soybean in the rotation increase the incidence/severity of any important soybean diseases?
  3. Does the frequency of soybean, or another crop in the rotation, influence abundance of beneficial organisims with the potential to control soybean pathogens?
  4. What mechanisms are involved in positive/negative impacts of rotations that result in significant outcome changes?

Project Description

With the increased acreage of soybeans and frequency of soybeans in crop rotations across Manitoba, information from this study can be used to help farmers beter plan crop rotation and anticipate tradoffs and risks for increasing the frequency of soybeans in rotation and balancing their overall rotations with other crop species. Mitigating the impact of foliar and root diseases in soybeans not only will have a direct impact on soybean producers, but will set the track for further studies and better handling and anticipation of plant diseases issues that may arise in the future.