Effect of Genotype and Environment on Pulse Flour Quality and Baking Performance

Crop Dry Bean, Lentil, Pea
Start Date2016
End Date2017
Principal InvestigatorMalcolmson, Linda, LM Food Tech
MPSG Financial Support$25,000
Total Project Funding$425,000
ReportScience Edition – Effect of Genotype & Environment on Pulse Flour Quality & Baking | Effect of Genotype & Environment on Pulse Flour Quality and Baking Performance – Executive Summary

Research Objectives

To examine the effect of genotype and environment on the compositional and functional characteristics of flours and baking performance and flavour properties of bread made from different varieties of yellow peas, red lentils, chickpeas, and navy, black, and cranberry beans.

Project Description

Demand for healthier and more innovative bakery products continues to grow in North America and the EU which presents a large market opportunity for pulse ingredients. With inclusion rates between 5-35%, it has been estimated that the market potential for pulse flours in bakery applications in North America and Europe is over 1.7 MT. Initial work undertaken by Warburtons at CIGI has shown that flours made from different market classes of pulses offer a range of functionality and flavour profiles. It is not known, however, if varieties within a market class vary in their baking performance and end-use quality characteristics, nor is it understood if environment influences the quality characteristics of pulse flours. This information will benefit seed companies and pulse ingredient suppliers and will provide new opportunities for the Canadian pulse industry. Production of variety specific pulses for the pulse ingredient market would allow for premiums to be paid to growers for their crops. It is also anticipated that this research will benefit Canadian pulse breeders in the development of new pulse varieties.