Economic and environmental value of growing both pea and soybean in rotation

Crop Pea, Soybean
Start Date2019
End Date2022
Principal InvestigatorMohr, Ramona, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Brandon
External Funding PartnersCanadian Agricultural Partnership
ReportMohr – Pea Soybean Rotation – MPSG Exension JAN 2020

Research Objectives

The overall objective of this study is to determine the effect of growing field pea and/or soybean in rotation on the performance of cropping systems in western Manitoba. Goals over the initial 3-year phase of the study are:

  1. to determine the short-term effect of crop sequence on disease, nutrient dynamics, and crop yield and quality; and
  2.  to generate a reliable, research-based dataset of production and economic information for a range of crop rotations to assess the profitability and production risk associated with each rotation.
By generating information regarding the relative performance of a range of cropping systems, this study aims to provide producers with a means to reduce production and economic risk while diversifying their farming operations.

Project Description