Defining pathogen-related soil quality targets for annual legumes to pursue through crop rotation

Crop Soybean
Start Date2019
End Date2022
Principal InvestigatorDaayf, Fouad, University of Manitoba
External Funding PartnersCanadian Agricultural Partnership
ReportDaayf – Soybean Rotation Disease – MPSG Extension JAN 2020

Research Objectives

This project is an extension to another project started in 2017, with two locations, namely Carman and St. Adolph. In order to help farmers assess their disease risks better when cropping soybean, the objectives of this project were (i) to answer the question whether the frequency of soybean in the rotation increase the incidence/severity of important diseases that can reduce soybean yield; and (ii) to develop a tool that would help them to do better disease risk assessment. The latter could be in the form of a disease diagnosis or prevention tool.

Project Description