Assessment of Pre- and Post-Emergent Rolling in Non-stony fields

Crop Dry Bean, Soybean
Start Date2018
End Date2020
Principal InvestigatorGrieger, Lorne , PAMI
Total Project Funding$113,040

Research Objectives

  1. Quantify cost of rolling (machinery, operation, depreciation, draft load, power, etc.)
  2. Quantify economic gain of rolling (based on cost analysis and yield results)
  3. Quantify difference in harvest speed and losses for rolled/non-rolled areas
  4. Quantify differences in seeding performance based on rolling/non-rolling based on soil to seed contact and seeding depth

Project Description

The operation of rolling is an essential part of seeding soybeans to reduce risk of machinery damage in stony fields. However rolling is often performed on non-stony fields where the risk of machinery damage from stones is minimal. Rolling is not without cost, and there is a concern that rolling on non-stony fields is a cost with little or no benefit to the producer. Currently, there is little information that exists on the true cost of rolling and the economic return it provides. The aim of this project is to collect information to help producers make more informed decisions on whether rolling provides significant benefit to warrant the operation on non-stony fields.