Agronomic and economic benefits of intercropping peas with oats, wheat, flax, canola, or mustard

Crop Pea
Start Date2019
End Date2022
Principal InvestigatorWestman Agricultural Diversification Organization
External Funding PartnersCanadian Agricultural Partnership
ReportWADO – Intercropping (pea-mustard) – MPSG Annual Extension JAN 2020 | WADO – Intercropping – MPSG Annual Extension JAN 2020

Research Objectives

The objectives were to determine agronomic benefits of intercropping using different cropping systems combinations with field pea and laying out a package from which famers can select from. Preliminary results indicate yield advantage when pea is intercropped with either canola or mustard compared to other cropping system options such as flax, wheat or oats.

Project Description