Harvest Sample Program

Canadian Grain Commission Harvest Sample Program

Send your sample, get a free grade….. more info here.

Your participation is important

The Harvest Sample Program is voluntary and is an opportunity to receive a free, unofficial Canadian Grain Commission grade and quality results that include:

  • Protein content on cereal grains and pulses
  • Oil, protein and chlorophyll content for canola
  • Oil and protein content and iodine value for flax seed
  • Oil and protein for mustard seed and soybeans

The grade provided through the Harvest Sample Program is considered unofficial because:

  • The sample size does not meet the minimum weight requirement of 750 grams
  • Dockage is not retained
  • The sample isn’t collected by a Canadian Grain Commission grain inspector

Many producers have indicated that having this quality information for their sample before delivering their grain is very useful.

We encourage you to send your samples as soon as harvest is complete. Please call the MPSG office at 1-204-745-6488 for an envelope.