Pulse Canada – Market Innovation Spotlight

Pulse Beat 96, Fall/Winter 2022

THE PULSE CANADA Market Innovation team has been hard at work creating opportunities for Canadian pulses to take a front-row seat in the evolving global food industry. Over the last year, our team has launched multiple initiatives that will help bring more investment and attention to the Canadian pulse sector.


One of these initiatives is the recently launched Science & Technical Industry Program, or STIP. This program invites organizations and businesses across the value chain to co-invest, guide and shape the future of Canada’s pulse industry. The program provides a collaborative forum for pulse industry stakeholders to prioritize and develop downstream public-good or pre- competitive research projects critical for the success and growth of pulses and pulse ingredients.

To partake in STIP, organizations and businesses must be a member of Pulse Canada or the Canadian Pulse and Special Crops Trade Association. Members have the opportunity to join any of the four technical committees: nutrition and health, environmental sustainability, processing and co-product valorization, and supply chain and traceability.

Under these themes, STIP technical committees will strategically identify and fund research to enhance efficiencies, increase value and support growth of the Canadian pulse industry.

Not only does this program give all members of the value chain, including the private sector, the opportunity
to define and address downstream research priorities for the industry, it also brings more investment and expertise to the table in growing what the Canadian pulse industry has to offer.


Another exciting project led by the Market Innovation team is the International Pulse Ingredient Consortium (IPIC). IPIC is a not-for-profit industry group whose mission is to support the growth of the global pulse ingredient sector by certifying pulse ingredients according to industry-aligned definitions. Certified members receive an IPIC certification mark to use in the sale and promotion of registered ingredients, and are listed on the IPIC website for food companies looking to source certified pulse ingredients.

IPIC definitions were developed by a committee of industry peers. They reflect major categories of general pulse ingredients and major commonalities within each category. Unlike ingredient standards, these definitions provide an opportunity for pulse ingredients in each category to be distinguished from one another, and allow for flexibility in labelling and naming. IPIC definitions cover ingredients made exclusively from pulses. Any ingredient that a member would like to have certified must go through a verification process specific to the IPIC definition to ensure alignment.

As a growing number of pulse ingredients enter the marketplace both in Canada and globally, IPIC provides a framework for food industry customers to navigate the diversity in pulse ingredient supply and ensure greater transparency and consistency in quality when sourcing. While the initiative is just getting started, we are looking forward to seeing “IPIC Certified” ingredients in products and on store shelves in the not-too-distant future.

Head to to learn more about IPIC.

Plant Forward

On November 1 and 2, Pulse Canada partnered with Protein Industries Canada and Plant-Based Foods of Canada to host the first ever international event showcasing Canada’s plant-based ingredients, food supply and innovation. The event, held in Toronto, hosted over 250 senior- level food industry professionals from across Canada and around the world inviting them to plug into the Canadian ecosystem.

The event featured a robust program with global perspectives and unique conversations on where the industry is headed. Plant Forward’s agenda covered themes across the ecosystem, from research and development and access to capital, to sustainability goals and opportunities for innovation.

Attendees had the opportunity to network with like-minded leaders and taste an unparalleled plant-forward menu. Our goal was to spark new ideas, create new connections, and help companies leverage exciting opportunities in the Canadian plant- based sector. We know that Canadian pulses have a home on any plate, and increasing awareness about the potential of Canadian pulses can drive real value back through to the farm gate.

Throughout these projects and others, the Pulse Canada Market Innovation team is working hard on behalf of farmers: to showcase the opportunity within Canada’s pulse ecosystem and support the growth of innovation in the sector. If you have any questions on any of the initiatives Pulse Canada is undertaking on your behalf, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at