Pulse Beat, Science Edition

The Science Edition – 2022


The sixth edition of Pulse Beat – Science Edition is now available! This special edition, science-oriented Pulse Beat reveals the breadth and depth of MPSG’s research investments, including details from projects conducted in laboratories, field trials and the On-Farm Network. Inside you will find farmer-focused research results intended to improve yield and quality, pest control, build soil health and drive market demand.

This issue of The Science Edition arrives as most projects are heading for the home stretch before the March 2023 finale of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP). CAP is the primary means we use to stretch farmers’ check-off dollars, and both federal and provincial governments fund research under CAP. Not every MPSG project is funded by CAP and in this edition’s description of health-related projects, we have even reached into pre-CAP programs. However, without programs like CAP this magazine would be noticeably lighter.

While we will have many more CAP projects to report on in future volumes of The Science Edition, at this moment, we’re working with sister organizations and governments to ensure federal and provincial government funds are available for research post-CAP. Our work is encountering challenges. The source can be traced directly to the fact that markets, governments and society, in general, continue to impose additional demands on Canada’s farmers.

Research traditionally offered a way for farmers to cope with changing market and agronomic demands. It still does. However, today, research is being called upon to help farm businesses cope with the extraordinary challenge of climate change. Quite simply, farmer check-offs cannot be expected to shoulder this without significant increases in government funding. Projects funded under CAP were already whittled down to the very highest priorities. Dealing with climate change will require supplementing ongoing CAP projects, not replacing them with climate-focused work. It is our earnest hope that policymakers recognize the stakes for Canada in significantly scaling up the government-farmer partnership in research.

Table of Contents

  1. Soybean Seeding Depth Evaluation
  2. Refining Soybean Seeding Window Recommendations
  3. Preceding Crop and Residue Management Effects on Dry Beans
  4. Investigating Protein Discounts of Manitoba Soybeans
  5. Soybean Protein and the Impact of Genotype and Environment on Quality
  6. On-Farm Evaluation of Soybean Row Spacing
  7. Suppression of Soybean Aphids by Natural Enemies
  8. Improved Wireworm Monitoring in Manitoba
  9. Soyagen – Improving Yield and Disease Resistance in Short-Season Soybeans
  10. Dry Bean Root Rot Variety Resistance and Molecular Diagnostics
  11. Lygus Bugs in Dry Beans and Soybeans
  12. Life Cycle Assessment of Canadian Prairie Pea and Lentil Production
  13. Ice Cream And Cream Cheese Made from Soybeans and Soybean Corn-Tortillas
  14. The Impact of Dry Bean Compounds on Cardiovascular Function and Black and Navy Bean Effects on Blood Vessel Function
  15. 2022 Approved Funding for Research
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