Pulse Beat, Science Edition

The Science Edition – 2020

This special edition, science-oriented Pulse Beat reveals the breadth and depth of MPSG’s research investments, including details from projects conducted in laboratories, field trials and the On-Farm Network. Inside you will find farmer-focused research results intended to improve yield and quality, pest control, build soil health and drive market demand.

The Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers (MPSG) research program has a lineup of projects that support our goal of reducing the economic consequences of crop pests. Researchers in pathology, entomology and weed science have been experimenting with practical options for fungicide application and crop rotation. The latest results from this work are featured in this edition of Pulse Beat – The Science Edition.

Of course, there’s more to farming than contending with pests. So, by extension, there’s more to research than bugs and weeds. At winter meetings, we’ve been emphasizing the short history of annual legume production in Manitoba. One result is that we know little about the turnover of soil microbes and nutrients in rotations containing annual legumes. In this regard, Dr. Ivan Oresnik at the University of Manitoba reports on his observations on the fate of soybean inoculant in the soil.

Also, a few years back, MPSG invested in research to improve the prospect of value-added processing of pulse and soybean crops. As this edition’s reports show, these farm products are indeed suitable for a variety of applications in the food industry. A report on MPSG’s foray into drought-tolerance research takes us into the world of plant physiology and the search for processes in the plant that can be channeled into buffering yields against drought. Back on the farm, reports are in on avoiding seed damage by air seeders and on safely storing soybeans.

Table of Contents

  1. On-Farm Evaluation of Fungicide in Soybeans
  2. On-Farm Evaluation of Fungicide in Dry Beans
  3. Evaluation of Fungicide Options to Control White Mould in Pinto Beans
  4. Enhancing Water Stress Tolerance in Soybeans through Phytoglobin Manipulations
  5. Equilibrium Moisture Content and Safe Storage Guidelines for Soybeans
  6. Air Seeder Distribution and Seed Damage to Soybeans, Wheat and Canola
  7. Influence of Soybean Frequency in Rotation and the Persistence of Rhizobia in Manitoba Soils
  8. Influence of Soybean Frequency in Rotation on Disease Pressure
  9. The Most Comprehensive Survey of Soybean Foliar Diseases
  10. Phytoferritin: A Potential Iron Supplement Derived from Manitoba Pulses and Soybeans
  11. Effect of Genotype and Environment on Pulse Flour Quality and Baking
  12. Processing of Soybeans to Improve Palatability and Digestibility of Soy Based Foods
  13. Enhancing World Markets for Canadian Pulses
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