Pulse Beat, Science Edition

The Science Edition – 2017

MPSG is pleased to be able to offer its members this compendium of important, valuable pulse and soybean-related research. This is the very first print run of The Science Edition. It’s volume one. We hope you enjoy it! This edition features research specific to Agronomy, Breeding, Nutrition and End-Use, and MPSG’s On-Farm Network.

Research is a core activity of Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers (MPSG). It is fundamental to supporting the development of our production resources and knowledge, as well as our efforts to increase local market demand for soybeans and pulses. MPSG invests approximately 60% of its annual budget into a well-rounded research program within four broad areas: agronomy, breeding, nutrition, end-use, and most recently, the On-Farm Network. The aim of the program is to identify and address production constraints and marketing opportunities to support profitable and sustainable pulse and soybean farms in Manitoba.

A successful research program not only addresses the issues, but also makes the information available. This new Pulse Beat issue – The Science Edition – was created to report on the progress made through MPSG’s research investment to its members and industry stakeholders. It is a compilation of results from recently completed projects that were supported by farmer check-off dollars. Many of the following projects are also supported by other organizations. These collaborations not only strengthen MPSG’s connections within the industry, but also maximize the value of MPSG check-off.

If you are looking for more extensive reports, visit our website, manitobapulse.ca. The staff team at MPSG is working to update the website with current results, so keep checking out the Research and On-Farm Network pages for new information over the winter.

We want to hear from you, the farmers. Tell us about your production issues and opinions on research needs in our province.

Table of Contents:

  1. On-Farm Evaluation of Single vs Double Inoculation
  2. Phosphorous Fertilization Management
  3. Soybean Aphid Control by Natural Enemies
  4. Manitoba SCN Survey
  5. Soybean Crop Rotation in MB
  6. Nutritional, Physico-Chemical & Cooking Traits – Dry Beans
  7. Genetic Improvement of Protein Quality in Dry Beans
  8. Molecular Markers for Bacterial Blight & Anthracnose in Dry Beans
  9. Effect of Pulses on Sensation of Fullness & Food Intake
  10. Development of pulse based protein drink mix
  11. Can increasing pulse consumption reduce healthcare expenditures in Canda
  12. Pea Fibre Utilization in Poultry Beef & Pork
  13. Extension of shelf Life on Refrigerated Soy Spread & Utilization of Soy in Non-Dairy Yogurt
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