MPGA On-Farm Network will focus on expanding on-farm research


MPGA On-Farm Network will focus on expanding on-farm research

In 2014, MPGA’s On-Farm Network will fund research exploring the effects of lower plant population in soybean, the use of liquid vs. liquid + granular inoculant, the effect of fungicide use on soybean, soybean residue management,  fungicide use in pinto beans, pinto bean harvest methods and much more! MPGA’s On-Farm Network research partners will work with nearly 45 growers throughout the province to address these research questions.

 Carman, MB – April 7, 2014 – MPGA is pleased to announce their commitment to the expansion of on-farm research throughout the province, by introducing The MPGA On-Farm Network –  a network of on-farm research related to soybean and pulse crops that is fully funded and directed by Manitoba Pulse Grower’s Association. MPGA began funding on-farm research in 2010 and has continually seen the benefits to growers. In 2014, we will have 4 on-farm research partners conducting trials in Manitoba and for the first time, we will be expanding our soybean On-Farm Network into Western Manitoba.

Conducting on-farm research gives us the ability to answer production questions using an approach that is timely and relevant and provides answers to growers over a wide geographical region. All research in this network is based on 3 important principles;

  1. Participatory – research is conducted on working farms with growers using field equipment.
  2. Precise – uses scientific principles to produce data that is robust and unbiased.
  3. Proactive – results can be used to guide management to improve productivity and profitability.

More information on the MPGA On-Farm Network is available at

About MPGA

MPGA was founded in 1984 and represents nearly 3,000 producers in Manitoba who grow soybeans, edible beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas and faba beans. MPGA’s mission is to provide pulse grower members with production knowledge and market development support, through focused research, advocacy and linkages with industry partners. Recently, Manitoba has seen tremendous expansion of soybean acres and MPGA wants to lead soybean research in western Canada.

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