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Soybean School West: Planter vs Seeder & Row Spacing Considerations

While planters most certainly do a precise job at soybean planting depth, many farmers are still on the fence over whether or not the benefits are worth the added investment of a second (or third) planting implement. After all, does their existing unit do just as good a job?

These are exactly the kinds of questions the Manitoba Pulse Growers have been seeking to answer through funding of several projects. One of those projects is in year four and has resulted in a few interesting observations. In this Soybean School episode, Brent VanKoughnet, owner of AgriSkills Inc, explains the set up of the planter vs. seeder and row spacing trial, and how the weather has been the great equalizer between many of the treatments.

Also in this episode, is a discussion with Ramona Mohr, agronomist with AAFC based at Brandon, Man. Mohr runs down the list of wide vs. narrow row advantages and disadvantages and discusses targeting plant stand numbers for maximum competitiveness.