Changes Will Accommodate Early Soil Thaw Across Southern Manitoba

Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship advises, effective immediately, it is lifting the restriction for the application of nutrients to crop land and golf courses across southern Manitoba for this spring.  This is three weeks earlier than normal. The change is in response to recent record warm temperatures and low soil-moisture content.

Ordinarily the restriction prohibits applying nutrients before April 10, a measure intended to prevent nutrient run-off by ensuring nutrients are not applied to frozen soils.  This year’s unseasonably warm temperatures mean that soils across southern Manitoba are no longer frozen.  This combined with low moisture content will guard against nutrient run-off to waterways.

All other requirements of the nutrient management regulation remain in effect.  Nutrients cannot be applied to sensitive lands along waterways or to lands classified as Nutrient Management Zone N4. 

All golf courses and driving ranges must submit a nutrient management plan describing how they will manage nutrients during the 2012 growing season. 

This change does not apply to livestock manure.

More information on the nutrient management regulation is available at:

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