2012 Manitoba Soybean Variety Trials

The 2012 MANITOBA RECOMMENDATION TRIALS will again serve two purposes:

  1. To provide regional performance data of registered varieties and previously supported lines for submission in SEED MANITOBA 2013 and the 2012 Pulse Variety Evaluation insert. It is recommended to only enter varieties that you are actively marketing.
  2. To develop the Manitoba data package for unregistered soybean lines that will be presented to the 2013 Ontario Oil and Protein Seed Crop Committee (OOPSCC) meeting requesting support for registration of the line through the Manitoba West subcommittee. This is intended for varieties that will ultimately be marketed in Western Canada.

Listed below are links for the  invitation letter which has all of the details, and entry forms. Please use one form per variety (copy as many as necessary).

Please note: there is a separate entry form for the Beausejour site. Details can be found in the attached Beausejour form.

Deadline to submit forms is Thursday, April 5th.
Deadline to submit seed is Monday, April 16th. Treated seed is not allowed. Please send bare seed only.

If you cannot meet these deadlines, please contact Bruce Brolley at (204) 750-1425 and Roxanne Lewko at (204) 745-6488.

2012 MPGA Invitation to Soybean Recommendation Trials
2012 MPGA Soybean entry form
2012 MPGA Soybean entry form – Beausejour