DuPont™ Vertisan™ fungicide now registered to protect against sclerotinia in canola and ascochyta in pulses

New, next-generation fungicide protects yield and quality of high-value crops with best-in-class management of key diseases

Mississauga, Ontario – November 22, 2011 – DuPont™ Vertisan™, a next-generation fungicide, has received approval for registration in Canada to protect the yield and quality of canola and pulse crops from critical diseases.

“Vertisan™ provides growers with a powerful new tool for managing sclerotinia in canola,” says Dave Kloppenburg, fungicide launch manager for DuPont. “Vertisan™ gives growers the confidence that they’re getting potent disease control with strong preventive and residual properties.”

Vertisan™ contains the new active ingredient penthiopyrad, a next-generation SDHI fungicide, that provides superior protection against key plant diseases. “Vertisan™ is classified as a Group 7 fungicide,” says Kloppenburg. “It’s a brand new molecule that locks onto the fungus to stop disease in its tracks.”

 Sclerotinia is a significant yield robber in canola, infecting an average of 82% of canola acres across Western Canada in 2010, according to the Canadian Plant Disease Survey. In addition to sclerotinia stem rot in canola, Vertisan™ also protects against the following diseases:

  • Ascochyta blight, grey mould and rust in pulse crops such as chickpeas, field peas and lentils
  • Sclerotinia head rot in sunflowers, for which Vertisan™ is one of the first fungicides to show effectiveness against the disease
  • Early blight and rhizoctonia in potatoes

Fruit and vegetable growers can also have access to this new active ingredient in DuPont™ Fontelis™ fungicide to protect their crops against quality reducing diseases. DuPont™ Fontelis™ fungicide is now registered for disease control in pome and stone fruits, blueberries and vegetables. Fontelis™ is a stand-alone solution for managing challenging diseases, including resistant biotypes and delivers residual, preventive and post-infection control of many plant diseases.

For more information about Fontelis™, Vertisan™ or any other DuPont product, contact your local crop protection retailer or DuPont representative, call 1-800-667-3925 or visit the web site

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As with all fungicides, read and follow label instructions carefully.

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