Correction to MPGA Pulse Variety Evaluation – Fall 2011

Addendum to the MPGA Pulse Variety Evaluation – Fall 2011.

The Yield Comparison tables for Conventional Soybeans and Roundup Ready Soybeans are corrected from what appeared in the MPGA Trial Results insert – Fall 2011 (pages 11 and 13). To download the corrected insert click here.

The corrected check yields of NSC Portage RR and OAC Prudence for the Conventional Soybeans, along with the CV% and LSD%, are located in the shaded area located at the bottom of the tables.  Please note that the relative yield data within the tables are correct in the versions appearing in the MPGA Pulse Variety Evaluation – Fall 2011.  The shared data found in the digital edition of Seed Manitoba 2012 is corrected and can be found at

If there are any questions please contact Dennis Lange, MAFRI Pulse Specialist at 204-750-4530 or by email .