Call for Pulse Research Proposals

Manitoba Pulse Growers Association (MPGA) welcomes the submission of pulse research proposals. If you are seeking funding for projects in 2014, please submit your proposals to MPGA’s office by Friday, November 8, 2013.

Every project will be carefully reviewed by the board of directors and be given serious consideration; however, projects that fit into the following categories will be more favorably received:

  • Address the issues as outlined in our list of priorities in the attached document
  • Demonstrate collaboration –MPGA looks highly on synergistic opportunities within the research community (provincial, inter-provincial, international, and interdisciplinary)
  • Qualify for matching industry or government funding or includes multiple funding sources
  • Clearly demonstrate a benefit to pulse producers (describe the potential impact on the pulse crop value chain)
  • Provide production information to first time pulse or soybean producers (i.e. agronomic considerations for non-traditional soybean growing areas)

Multiple year projects are acceptable. Please note that annual reports are required and subsequent funding will be based on successful completion of milestones. A final report is required once the project is complete.

The document below outlines our research priority areas, requested proposal format and all other details relating to submitting your proposal to our office.  Please review the document in its entirety.

MPGA Request for Proposals 2014