Late Planting of Early-Maturing Soybeans in Manitoba

Crop Soybean
Start Date2015
End Date2017
Principal InvestigatorMacMillan, Kristen, University of Manitoba
MPSG Financial Support$25,719
Total Project Funding$51,438
ReportYield & Maturity of Late-Seeded Soybean

Research Objectives

  1. Evaluate the potential of early maturing soybean varieties planted in June in various regions of agro-Manitoba
  2. Update crop insurance soybean seeding date deadlines to reflect the feasibility of growing short season soybean varieties in Manitoba

Project Description

Crop insurance data shows that 14-20% of wheat, barley, oat, canola and flax acres are planted in the 1st to 3rd week of June. Some of these acres could potentially be planted to soybean given today’s early maturing varieties. Growers are interested in doing this because soybeans consistently rank among the most profitable crops to grow.  Current soybean varieties available in Manitoba have a wide range in maturity, from 107-123 days to maturity and over the past 3 years, there has been a significant rise in the availability of very early maturing soybeans that could allow producers to plant beyond current seeding deadlines (May 30 for Area 2 and 3, and June 6 for Area 1). There is currently no data for Manitoba on planting soybeans beyond June 6. This project would produce novel data on the productivity of June planted soybeans and could potentially be used to expand current crop insurance deadlines and improve risk management. Planting soybeans in June would give growers more market choice, potentially increased farm revenue and a greater diversity of late seeded crops. Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation is in support of the proposed project and agrees this data would be required to support changes to existing policy and risk management programs. An update and improvement to current soybean seeding date policies.