Getting it Right

Attention Pulse and Soybean Farmers! MPSG presents the fourth annual, farmer-exclusive, Getting it Right Crop Production Meeting at the Victoria Inn Hotel, Brandon on January 30th, 2018!

In addition, there will be afternoon workshop sessions and an end-of-conference networking session sponsored by Top Crop Manager.

Afternoon Table Talk sessions include:

  • Iron Deficiency Chlorosis with Kristen MacMillan, U of M
  • On-Farm Network results and discussion with Greg Bartley, MPSG
  • Volunteer canola management with Dr. Charles Geddes, AAFC
  • Soybean aphids: monitoring & management with Jordan Bannerman, U of M & Cassandra Tkachuk, MPSG
  • Faba bean agronomy with Chris Holzapfel, IHARF
  • Air seeders: Variation in distribution & seed mortality with Avery Simundsson, PAMI
  • Strip tillage residue management with Curtis Cavers, AAFC & Dean Toews, Toews Family Ent.
  • Commodity group merger discussion with Toban Dyck & Francois Labelle, MPSG

This free event is open to Manitoba pulse and soybean farmers only. Farmers must be members in good standing with MPSG. Pre-registration is required.

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