Proposal for the development of a soy saskatoon berry smoothie

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Researcher: Meeling Nivet, B.Sc., Group Leader-Product Development, Food Development Centre

Start Date: 2012
End Date: 2014

Project Objectives:

  1. To research the utilization of GM soya beans in food applications including regulations, health claims and allergen challenges for Canada.
  2. To develop a prototype of soy saskatoon berry smoothie to target a specific benefit of soy.

Project Description:

Soy is one of the big three genetically engineered crops along with corn and canola. Genetically modified (GM) soy accounts for 91 percent of soybeans planted in the US and are rapidly growing throughout the world, with acreage steadily increasing in Manitoba over the past few years. This project will include an overview of GM-soy as an ingredient in food applications. The research will   identify challenges and opportunities for one specifically selected soya bean variety as a food ingredient through the development of a prototype smoothie beverage containing a blend of Manitoba grown GM soya bean and Manitoba grown saskatoon berries. The research will evaluate the processing of soya bean into a non dairy beverage by preparing the soy milk and blending saskatoon berry puree or juice using FDC’s processing technologies to formulate a smoothie. The prototype smoothie beverage will be formulated and targeted towards a health benefit affiliated with soy, such as bone health, heart health, or even cancer prevention. The results of the research will promote public awareness about the potential health benefits of GM-soy through transfer of information and technology to industry; and support the utilization of soy as a food ingredient and/or product.  The research outcomes will be presented to growers and processors at MPGA meetings, in Pulse Beat and other forums to facilitate transfer and communication to industry.

Financial Support:
MPGA: $15,200 /year 1
$7,800 /year 2


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