Field Scale Evaluation: Soybean Seeding Dates and Rolling (2012)

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Researcher: Brent VanKoughnet, Agri Skills Inc, Carman

Start Date: 2012
End Date: 2012 

Project Objectives:
Determine quantitative and qualitative differences when a soybean variety is planted at up to 5 different dates (early, normal, late: April – June) and when land rolling is done at various plant stages.  All comparisons will be taken to yield

Project Description:
A soybean variety will be planted at up to 5 different seeding dates to determine effect on yield.  Seeding dates will range from middle-end of April through to early June, depending on spring conditions.  In addition, the strips will be rolled at right angles to determine ideal rolling time.

Financial Support:
MPGA: $25,000 /year 1


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